Sunday, March 25, 2012

Will Run for Chocolate

I did a race this weekend called the Hot Chocolate 15K, which at the finish line had trays set out for runners full of bananas, Rice Krispie treats, apples, marshmallows, pretzels, etc. with warm, liquid hot chocolate poured into a little tray for fondue. We were also given cups of hot chocolate courtesy of Ghiradelli. What a nice way to end a race. Unfortunately, I was having heart problems during the race. I've been having heart trouble lately with heart murmurs, which started back up during the race at mile 0.8, which is a long way to go from the finish line. Two guards came over to see if I was okay because I was clutching my chest. It felt like my heart was going to leap out of my body and in just jogging, my heart rate almost hit 200 bpm. Not good. So I walked the hills and stayed slow, but finished because I wanted my chocolate.

I also jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon and read the book and saw the movie. Loved it!