Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Memories of Childhood

I grew up in this small town (kind of small) called Puyallup in Washington state, a suburb of Seattle. When I go out running in California I bring back memories of my childhood. I smell bark, freshly cut grass and now in March, spring flowers. I even saw daffodils--my favorite flower. The town of Puyallup has a big daffodil festival, complete with a daffodil parade and every high school in the area selects a daffodil princess who competes for daffodil queen. Daffodils are so beautiful. They are like little sunshines on a stick. Much prettier than sunflowers (not to dog sunflowers; all flowers are beautiful, even dandelions, which I call flowers though they are technically weeds). But today out running I saw snails...snails! I haven't seen snails in years and the sidewalks were littered with them. Then as the sun rose their trails of slime started glistening. Most people would call it gross, but I loved it. Now I just need to see a slug and my California/Washington experience will be complete. Isn't running awesome? Even though I have been super slow at it these past couple of months, I still love it. Just want to get faster!! My finish times are embarrassing.