Friday, February 11, 2011

Life in general

I've always thought my life is the great equalizer. When something good happens, it is inevitable that something bad will happen. It is the way my life goes. I am truly Even Stevens.

Well, I got this really great new life in San Diego and on my first day here I found out that a dear friend and colleague was killed in a car accident. RIP my good friend P.H. You were a joy to work with and I will miss you dearly. I just spoke to her on Friday and on Sunday she was taken from us.

Then two days later I caught a horrible flu. I was smacked down to the ground. Fever, chills, temperature and coughing all night long. I didn't sleep for 5 days and my work said to me "don't come back till you feel better." I spent 3 hours in urgent care with x-rays, blood work, etc. only to be told by the doctor "there isn't anything I can do for you. Go home." What???? I WANT DRUGS!!! NOW!!!

Then in the midst of this horrific flu, I went to Los Angeles to visit friends and watch the Super Bowl. Well, I had signed up for a half marathon that same weekend and paid mucho dinero for it and didn't want to lose the money. So I did the race anyway. It was 27th half marathon. I was born on the 27th and it is one of my favorite numbers so was particularly excited to do this race...that is until I caught the flu. By mile 2.5 I had to walk. It was a super tough trail race so steep I had to walk portions of it (well, I walked most of it). I finished in 40 minutes over my typical time....ick!!! How embarrassing. So my 27th half marathon was the 27th worst and I got my 27th worst time. And I think I caught pneumonia because of it.