Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I dressed up as a hula girl this year and baked a graveyard cake. I thought I was being original and handpainted RIP on Milano cookies and stuck them into chocolate cake with mashed up cookie crumbles to look like dirt. The shape of the Milano cookies looked like gravestones. We had a potluck at work so I brought in my cake and someone else decorated a cake in the same way, only much better. My cake looked like the before version; his looked like the after version. Mine was Step 1, his was Step 2. So funny.

So I am all moved out of my place and a renter is in. I am now in Mesa, Arizona. Glad moving is done. So stressful. Many years in that home. A longer commute to work is now my plight. But all is good in my life. Just my trichotillomania is out of control. I have a wig and a cosmetologist is going to work with me on getting extensions.