Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good news

I've had people throughout my life say some really not nice things to me. I've had more rejections than I care to count, but this week I got some really fantastic emails that uplifted my spirit. If I am feeling down, I will read these over and over until I feel better. An article came out about my running marathons on 7 continents and the response was unbelievable. I never thought I'd hear from anyone about it, but messages like the one below starting popping up in my inbox on Facebook from total strangers. Life is full of surprises and sometimes they are the good kind.

You don't know me but my wife and I read the article on the LDS Living website about how you have run marathons on all seven continents and I just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to us. We got into triathlon last year to help us lose weight, and we both lost about 60 lbs but we've been in kind of a rut the last several months (we've maintained but still have a loooong way to go to get to our goal weights). We love traveling, and after reading the article about you we got totally re-energized about our weight loss and training goals, and we've decided that we want to follow in your footsteps (figuratively and literally) and we're totally planning on doing either marathons or triathlons on all seven continents.
So anyways, thank you for being awesome and congratulations on all you've done. You rock!