Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So you had a bad day

I spent the Labor Day weekend doing what I usually do during this holiday: not laboring. I visited my favorite place, the bookstore, and discovered a new fav author. Despite the heat advisory and unbelievable temps Phoenix is still having, I managed to run miles everyday and complete a couple long bike rides.

However, Monday morning I was greeted with some deeply disappointing news. I had been very much hoping for something to happen and emailed myself everyday saying that it would happen and saying a prayer each time. I figured if I wrote (typed) my goal, it would have to come true right? Well, it didn't and it was a major (major!!) bummer and gave me a headache in the process. On top of it, I asked my parents if I could move back in with them. I would rent out my house to save money and pay off the car I was forced to buy when Saturn decided that it didn't want to drive anymore.

My parents haven't said yes. I don't expect them to either. But if they do, I will be a 33-year-old, single girl living with my parents. How attractive is that? It wouldn't be for a long time, just to pay off my car and some bills. Plus, I think I would like it. It's lonely living alone in my house. I come home to my DVR and as often as I try to start conversations with my TV, it just doesn't seem to talk back.