Sunday, March 21, 2010


I spent the weekend hiking and biking in this beautiful "green" desert. I really mean green. With the amount of rain this winter has seen, we are left with beautiful lush hills, purple wildflowers, blooming cacti and the fragrant smell of lemons and oranges. Driving around smells like liquid detergent...and I mean that in a good way.

So someone I was hiking with has done Ironman New Zealand and he couldn't say enough good things about it...Crap, another race I must do!! Maybe next year as it has already past this year and after Ironman AZ, I am so tired of biking all the time. I heard from him that Qantas didn't charge him to check his bike box, so bless you Qantas. My dream is to do the Byron Bay triathlon in Australia, so someday that will happen. Too much travel and not enough time nor money, so I have to be picky about where I go. I want to go to Africa again, so I have that on the list as well.