Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bad Movie Weekend

Friday night I went with a past co-worker to see Hot Tub Time Machine. Yes, I want my money back. Yes, that was two hours of my life I won't ever get back. Yes, I washed my eyes out after it. The actors and directors had to have known that this cannot possibly be anything other than the worst movie ever made. Even the title alone reeks of stupidity. On Saturday night I rented 2012. Apparently, even though the world is ending and the continent is underwater, you can still use your cell phone.

But I did make a delicious discovery: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I'm sorry Starbucks, but I have found something better: raspberry scones that taste like Lucky Charms cereal and hot vanilla, which is like melted clouds. Yum!

I ran an 18 miler on Saturday and then biked 18 miles that afternoon in gorgeous weather. I also got a bit bronzed. It's fun looking at the stranger in the mirror. On to a new week of running. Got some marathons coming up!