Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Track practice

I had a rough track practice last evening. My times are staying put or getting faster, which is great, but everyone else seems to be surpassing me. I was so frustrated that I left early and finished my workout in the parking lot of the high school where we work out. I always compare myself to others and am too competitive to watch people get so much faster than I.

This training has really brought up how I felt in junior high all over again. I just need to keep plugging along.

I read a blog of someone who bikes 100 miles/week and is staying everyday between 850-1100 calories--always under 1200 calories. I think I eat that much by the end of lunch. How can someone work out a lot and stay at such a small caloric intake? I can't seem to cut back no matter how hard I try. I just get so hungry.