Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Patience is a virtue. It has now been two weeks since I got my braces and every morning I look into the mirror only to be greeted with the exact same smile I had before. I am someone who wants things immediately and changing my teeth apparently is not something that happens overnight.

This weekend I got back on the saddle so to speak. I finally got back biking after my accident that left me with a lifetime of scars and an embarrassment in front of two good looking men. But I completed a 50 mile ride and kept my wrist wrapped, so no pain. After that, I ran a slow and exhausting 6.5 miles in heat. But I finished.

The next day I met my training group for a 10 mile trail run. I love technical running. It is my favorite type of running, which is one of the reasons I love triathlons. There is no ability to zone out; your head is always thinking and it keeps me from feeling exhausted as easily as 10 miles of running in circles. Of the group I met, 4 of us were doing Ironman, so we all had a longer run. It was me and 3 guys. And you know what? For the first half I could hang with them. The 5 miles back they smoked me and I couldn't even see them they were so far ahead. I was a bit cautious coming back down the trail after my accident, however. I really was not looking for another round of stitches or blood trails.

I then swam with my group for an hour in a very cold pool, which makes no sense as it has been nearly 110 everyday.

Well, I am still hoping to do Ironman. We shall see. My fall made me lose a lot of training time and I'm not a good biker. So if another fall is in my future, Ironman may not come to fruition. But I'll keep my hopes up and send myself positive wishes that no more accidents will occur.

I also saw the movie Julie and Julia, which combines two of my favorite loves: writing and food. Cute movie! Wish I could say the same about the book.